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Welcome to Gibbs Street Primary School

The name “Gibbs” has a long association with
the Cannington area and is linked to much of the early development and history of the area. The area on which our School now stands was previously used for dairying and pig farming.

The Western family owned the dairy and resided in the premises, still on the School grounds, known as “Western House”.

The School was opened in 1971. In 1996 the school celebrated its 25th Anniversary. In 1997 the administration block was extended and the old building was modified and refurbished. The school facilities include, more about the school…

 Welcome families to the Gibbs Street Primary School Community.

My name is Julie Fendrich and I have the pleasure of being the Principal of Gibbs Street Primary School. During my Public Education leadership journey, I have worked in a diverse range of roles with students in Kindergarten through to Year 10. I am passionate about raising the standards and expectations of all students and maximising achievement through providing a rich learning environment. I look forward to working with you all to make Gibbs Street Primary School a great and rewarding experience for all students.

Julie Fendrich

School Principal, Gibbs Street Primary School

Our Vision

To provide students with an educational environment that maximises each individuals intellectual, social, emotional, physical and cultural development.

The staff at Gibbs Street Primary School have common beliefs that promote a school climate which ensures the pursuit of quality education.

We believe in

Quality of education

  • striving for excellence
  • providing a stimulating environment
  • growing and learning
  • displaying a commited work ethic


  • professional support for each other
  • recognition of individual staff abilities, strengths and worth
  • displaying professional qualities


  • responsibility / reliability
  • honesty / truthfulness
  • confidentiality / loyalty
  • providing a safe learning environment

Effective Communication

  • courtesy / sensitivity
  • diplomacy
  • actively listening

Social Justice

  • tolerance and acceptance of differences
  • valuing self and others / caring
  • mutual respect
  • equality

Our times

All children are required to be in their classrooms ready to start school at 8.30am

  • 8.30am Children enter classrooms to prepare for the day
  • 8.45am School commences
  • 8.55am Late arrive notice needed from the school office
  • 10.35am – 10.55am Morning Recess
  • 12.45pm – 1.15pm Lunch
  • 2.55pm School finishes

Early arrivals

Students who arrive at school before 8.30am must move immediately to the Reading Club at Western House and wait until they are dismissed at 8.30am. This is the only area where students are under supervision. There is no formal supervision prior to 8.00am, so parents are encouraged not to send their children to school before this.

Parents & Citizens Committee

family-13Parents, staff and community members meet twice per term to assist with providing the best opportunities for the children attending Gibbs Street Primary School.

All parents are encouraged to attend to ensure we cover all aspects of our community. It’s just another way you can participate in your child’s learning journey.

Check the Events page or the Canteen Noticeboard on grounds for our next meeting.

Our Contact Details


  • Principal:
  • Manager of Corporate Services:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Email general enquiries:

Mrs Julie Fendrich
Mrs Selina Millar
79-93 Gibbs Street East Cannington WA 6107
08 9473 9550

Gibbs Primary School