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Silver Coin FRENZY!!

For the entire duration of Term 3 we will be asking all  students to collect as many Silver Coins as possible and bring them to class.  The challenge is on!   Let’s see which of our fantastic classes can raise the most money  over each fortnight.

Week 2 Prize (Most raised week 1 & 2) :  Class Morning Tea Week 4 Prize(most raised week 3 & 4) :  Class Quelch vouchers
Week 6 Prize (Most raised week 5 & 6) :  Class Morning Tea
Week 8 Prize (Most raised week 7 & 8) : Class Quelch voucher Week 10 Prize (Most Raised over All)   : Paddle Pop Vouchers

                         Let’s create a FRENZY and make a
                       change with our pocket change!


Crazy Hair & Free Dress

Friday August 11th

Please bring a


All donations to your teacher thank you!

Plait it, spike it, gel it, backcomb it, topknot it…

or even wear a wig!



The brand NEW 2017 / 2018 Entertainment Book as well as the new Entertainment Digital Memberships are AVAILABLE.
BOOKS can be purchased at the CANTEEN ( Cash only).
Click link below for online (credit) purchasing (Pickup at Canteen)

    Contact the P&C Committee

Email :